Emily Reynolds

STOMP Elstead Leader

I might be a newbie to the fitness industry but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been passionate about it for sometime.
I trained with Premier NASM, I am full of new and up to date knowledge which I cannot wait to share with others.
I have a background in health and social care, and thats all I ever knew until I retrained and found my new love. However, the route of everything I’ve ever done has been people, I love being with people, I love meeting people and mainly I love to see people smiling.
I’ve been a STOMPER for some time, and to me STOMP has been about fitness, socialising, and being happy. Every session has always given me something back, whether that is feeling fitter, stronger or healthier, an hour to mentally process the way I am feeling that day, an hour of me time or an hour surrounded by empowering and motivational individuals.
I now live, breath and talk STOMP and fitness.

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