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Below are a few regularly asked questions to help decide whether STOMP is for you.
If you have any queries please get in touch.

Stomp caters for all levels of fitness. You walk at your fastest pace and can be sure of stops where you are offered an exercise or stretch so that you get maximum results each session.

Power Walking is very different to running and surprisingly tough when you are used to running.
Most STOMPers who have many years of experience running, are surprised by how challenging it can feel to use a different stride and pace.

More importantly, you are training while giving your joints a break.

That’s great, you will accept the challenges throughout the Stomp that allow for higher heart rate training.

To improve overall flexibility, we stretch thoroughly during every session and at the end.

Having an easy to hold water bottle is recommended and you may get grubby at Stomp but feel free to bring a mat rolled up in a rucksack. Some Stomps will offer mats. If in doubt, check with your instructor.

For STOMP Online you will need:

  • A Mat
  • Dumbbells ( 1 or 2 kg)
  • Stretch Bands

YES! Unless he or she is badly behaved. 

We tie our dogs up after a good run when we need them out of the way.

All of our Stomp leaders are trained to look after ante/post-natal ladies.
You will be in safe hands.

Very. Stomp is about feeling better mentally as well as physically and that comes from breathing in fresh air and talking to people who enjoy doing the same. 

Yes, we have public liability insurance and a license to train at your Stomp site.


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