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We're all about fitness and wellbeing – healthy is happy!

STOMP is about you working to your level, it’s about finding time to look after yourself, to talk to your friend or think.

Why is STOMP Unique? 

You wont find a walking based workout anywhere else! 

Jo spotted a gap in the world of fitness where all outdoor workouts meant sprinting, jumping and being yelled at.

STOMP is about getting a full body workout through improving your walking pace. We can elevate your heart rate without jogging on the sandy and hilly locations we select carefully.

Along the way, you will be taken through a sequence of exercises that will strengthen your body, while making you more flexible.

Breathing in the surroundings while we STOMP  allows us to step away from the hustle of life and take a silent STOMP or chat to your fellow STOMPers.

When STOMPers come together, things get talked about, friendships are forged. There isn’t a STOMP gone by where laughter doesn’t occur, or personal issues not discussed, and helped. 

Our STOMPers are a lovely and a very special community.

If you like the great outdoors and exercise, you’ll love Stomp.


Jo Mahan - Founder of STOMP

Jo - Leader of the pack

When you bring the outdoors to your workout, without any conscious thought, you let yourself come away from daily life. 

The environment around you brings a calmness which sounds contrary to exercise, yet it works. Take care of your body through movements that suit you, and enjoy your surroundings.

This is my favourite way to feel fit, well, relaxed, content and grateful for the outdoors so I wrapped that up as STOMP.

Meeting new STOMPers has become as important to me and I thank all of our STOMPers for being a part of our growing community.

My second passion is wildlife and conservation. I love to be outdoors, so my perfect workout is always an outdoor session.

STOMPing is win win for me!


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