We’re all about fitness and wellbeing – healthy is happy

Stomp is about you working to your level, it’s about finding time to look after yourself, to talk to your friend or think.

Why is Stomp Unique? We Power Walk, which creates space from daily life because it brings about focus. This is Restorative Fitness, it will make your body stronger for everyday life, and your mind calmer because our beautiful locations insist!

Your Stomp Leader will be highly qualified and has been very carefully selected. We keep classes small and expect to add as much value to each Stompers journey to better health on every single session.

We allow good dogs too! And we are always free to try.

If you like the great outdoors and exercise, you’ll love Stomp.


founder of stomp

jo mahan

I am a firm believer that to lead a happy life, you need to be feeling tip top from within and that means exercising in the right way for you and eating to fuel that.

My second passion is wildlife and conservation. I love to be outdoors, so my perfect workout is always an outdoor session.

STOMP Activities


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STOMP Circuits

A power walk workout for all-over conditioning Circuits is a form of body conditioning that involves endurance training, resistance training, high-intensity aerobics, and exercises performed in a circuit, similar

STOMP Online

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