Jo Mahan

STOMP creator and Farnham leader

Hi! I would like to introduce myself and explain why I founded Stomp. My name is Jo Mahan, I am now in my 40s and I have 2 kids and live in Frensham and I love it here.

I gave up Children’s nursing in my 20s when I came to realise that my love of caring for people would be better placed in Fitness and Wellbeing.

I retrained as a Personal Trainer and worked for Gyms, Clubs and Spas. While working for Grayshott Spa, I would take all of the classes on the timetable including the morning and lunchtime guided walks over Ludshott Common. I absolutely loved it and the guests liked me taking them too because we would take in the environment but walk briskly. We would all remark on how set up we felt for the day ahead.

I learnt how to Power Walk and realised as a keen runner that I could get as much from this, without causing the impact on my already over used knees. It felt like a workout! But, why not add all the exercises I taught in the studio at stop points along the way to really make it a workout!?

I had created a new way to get fit. Nobody else offered this. Rambling clubs are great for walking. Bootcamps are great for everyone who wants to jump up and down and Running clubs are great for Runners.

I knew that there are so many people out there who won’t or can’t run, people that can still train very hard in a more mindful way. Stomp was born! I didn’t name it. My loyal Stomper to date- Jane G said as we set off from The Sands 15 years ago, I love our Stomp, Jo. Thanks to Jane, we have a strong community of like-minded Stompers who Stomp between 1-7 times every week, all year round!

Lockdown gave me time to consider that Stomp should be and could be elsewhere, so I set out to open in other towns, and I continue to do so.

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