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Power STOMP is a 90-minute session featuring 60-minutes of power walking, 30-minutes of conditioning exercises.

This is a new class to the STOMP timetable, which enables STOMPers to walk at their own pace while working on their own posture which is key for effective power walking, without holding anyone back.

We cover a beautiful 3-4.5 mile loop and end on a series of full body exercises designed to make everybody feel stronger, leaner and more flexible.

We provide all the Kit, however please bring your own Fitness Mat.

STOMP Power is only available at Farnham.


→  Distanced Power Walking
→  Fat Burning
→  Posture
→  Body Weight Conditioning
→  Flexibly
→  Stretching
→  Core
→  Fresh Air Therapy


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STOMP Classes

STOMP Classic

Our classic 60-minute outdoor fitness session
• a power walk with body weight exercises
• emphasizing restorative & functional fitness
• covering all fitness levels
all while fostering a friendly and sociable atmosphere for participants.

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STOMP outdoors

STOMP Circuits

STOMP Circuits at Frensham Little Pond is a high-intensity workout using weights, bands and balance equipment.
• 45-minute Workout
• all fitness levels
• sequential exercises
• plus an optional 45-minute STOMP Classic

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STOMP 1:1 Coaching

STOMP 1:1 Coaching – An exclusive personalised 60-minute one-to-one training session to meet your fitness requirements.
• Fitness Assessment
• Goal Setting
• Bespoke Exercise Program
• Nutrition & Wellness Advice

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STOMP Runs is a brand new addition to the Stomp timetable.
• 5-10 minutes Running/Jogging
• 5 minutes Exercises
• Repeat…

Currently only available at STOMP Farnham

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STOMP Online

An all over 60-minute body workout via a ZOOM session.
Adapted from STOMP Circuit for those who prefer to train at home but with the benefit of a great group workout.
Recommended Kit List
• 2 x 1 – 4Kg Dumbbells
• 1  x pack of various fitness bands
• 1 x Fitness Mat

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