Let’s Start 2022 In The Fresh Air!

A Happy New Year Thought from Stomp Founder, Jo Mahan!

I am not sure we have ever had a better reason to stay outdoors while exercising!

But, for me, I have always preferred to train outdoors and generally in spectacular places because I am a huge advocate of breathing in fresh air and enjoying the landscape. I find peace and tranquillity in this, even in a burpee, believe it or not! 

But, as an Ex Nurse and Personal Trainer, I have always wondered why we don’t talk more about prevention and health promotion. So much time seems to be spent talking about how to get better once we are already suffering!

Let’s talk about why we should be preventing poor health be it covid or any other terrible illness. Public Health England summarise that being over weight puts us at greater risk of being hospitalised with Covid. I can’t see many other practical solutions to helping ourselves avoid this and the many illnesses made worse by obesity. This is why I am passionate about STOMP because whatever your size or fitness, Stomp Instructors will encourage you to walk at your best pace in order to get you burning calories and open up your lungs.

The exercise stations within the walk will encourage further weight loss and increase your strength and stamina. It is our aim to make sure each and every Stomper has a selection of exercises to challenge your own fitness, and not to keep up with the person next to you. So, if you are fit, we will will get you fitter. If you are not fit, we are here for you and we will get you fit!

From January, we are introducing mixed sessions and Farnham has 4 on offer every week. Our other locations will advertise their mixed and women only classes soon.

Stomp is always FREE to try and well behaved dogs are most welcome. So book your free trial at our website or contact me directly jo@stomp-fitness.com/ www.stomp-fitness.com

Stomp wishes you all a Healthy and Prosperous 2022!


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